Outlook My Way

This course teaches the functions and features of Outlook beyond the entry level look and feel skills. Students will learn how to modify the Outlook Interface and apply conditional formatting. They will be able to learn how to create rules, search in Outlook, create Quick Steps, Quick Parts, and signatures and manage contacts, calendars and task. In addition, students will know how to share emails, do mail merge and archive and back up emails and contacts.

Outlook Interface

Conditional Formatting

Creating Rules to Auto Organize

Outlook Search
Conversation View
People Pane
Windows Search
Folder Search

Quick Steps
Send, Reply, Store the Sent and Received Emails

Quick Parts
Create Standard Email/Quotations Using One Button

Creating Signatures as per the Situation

Manage Contacts Across Outlook and Mobiles
Share Contacts

Manage Calendar
Share Calendar

Create Tasks to Achieve What is Planned
Share Tasks

Mail Merge
Write Customized Emails to your Contacts

Archive and Backup
Archive Emails
Create Back-up of Contacts