Handling Projects Using Excel

It’s been said that project management is 90 percent communication – and it can certainly feel that way when you consider all of the people you have to communicate with everyday. Well, did you know that you can use Microsoft Excel to help you communicate more effectively, define your project charter, build out the project scope, and even the work breakdown structure? You sure can!

It’s paramount that project managers work with the project team to plan and define the project scope. Then, when the team is executing the project work, the project manager needs to monitor and control the work. Part of monitoring and controlling is to record what’s happening in the project. Based on this work performance data, you’ll process the project’s successes (and possibly failures) and report to the project stakeholders accordingly.

Microsoft Excel can help you with so much of that! In this course we’re going to explore lots of things that Microsoft Excel can do for project management. We’ll dive into formatting, charting, conditional formatting, and building a custom dashboard and report. If you don’t have a more advanced project management software, that’s okay, you can do much of that business right in Microsoft Excel.

Reports and Dashboards
Comparing Reports and Dashboards 

Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel for Project Management
Set the Excel Table for Project Management 
Exercise: Format Cell Numbering 
Create a Clean and Concise Report by Formatting Numbers 
Single-Line Accounting Underline 

Formatting in Microsoft Excel to show Project Performance
Sparklines! Add Sparkle to your Reports and Dashboards 
Adding Sparklines to a Range of Cells 
Using Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel 
Experimenting with Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel 
Applying Top/Bottom Rules in Microsoft Excel
Exercise: Applying Top/Bottom Rules 
Customize Project Reports by Utilizing Data Bars 
Exercise: Experimenting with Conditional Formatting Data Bars 
Exercise: Color Scales and Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel 
Quickly Format Reports by Adding Icon Sets 
Exercise: Conditional Format and Icon Sets in Microsoft Excel
Manipulating Icon Sets 
Exercise: Customizing the Icon Set 
Take Control in Microsoft Excel by Manually Applying Conditional Formatting 
Exercise: Manually Create Conditional Formatting 

Creating Charts in Microsoft Excel for Performance Reporting
Build Your Reports and Dashboards by Building Charts 
Working with Excel Charts 
Exercise: Experiments with Microsoft Excel Charts 
Working With Chart Series 
Exercise: Working with Series in Microsoft Excel 
Format and Customize Charts 
Exercise: Formatting Charts in Microsoft Excel 
Section Close 

Customizing Charts in Microsoft Excel for Project Management
Working with Chart Fills and Borders 
Exercise: Managing Fills and Borders in Microsoft Excel 
Get Fancy! Format the Chart Background 
Using Pictures as Charts 
Exercise: Using Pictures in Charts 
Charts Need Names - Sometimes 
Exercise: Creating a Microsoft Excel Gantt Chart 
Configure Earned Value Management for Microsoft Excel 
Building an Earned Value Management Worksheet in Microsoft Excel 
Section Wrap 

Build a Custom Dashboard and Reports in Microsoft Excel
Secret Weapon: Microsoft Excel’s Camera Feature 
Vroom! Vroom! Build a Project Speedometer 
Experimenting with the Microsoft Excel Camera Feature 
Make it Happen: Building Dashboards and Reports 
Exploring the Project Charter and Project Scope within Microsoft Excel 
Creating a Risk Log for Your Project Dashboard 
Exercise: Creating a Risk Log in Microsoft Excel