Leadership Skills

Becoming a Leader 
Making the Transition to a Leader
Importance of First-Line Leading
Leadership Style and Behavior

Role of the Leader
Managerial Roles
Personal Qualities of an Effective First-Line Leader
Working with Your Boss
First-Line Leading Key Competencies

The Communication Process
Listener Problems and Solutions
Improving Personal Listening Habits
Planning and Conducting Meetings

Developing People
People Development
New Employee Orientation
Employee Training
Coaching Employees

Leading People
Performance Feedback
Working with Difficult Employees
Leading Workplace Conflict

Leading the New Workforce
Attributes of the New Workforce
The New Employer-Employee Contract
Motivating and Retaining Employees
Strategies for Motivating and Retaining Employees

Building a Team
Why Teamwork?
What Is a Team?
Transforming a Group into a Team
Obstacles to Team Development

Getting the Work Done
Performance Motivation
Performance Appraisal Activity
Obtaining Top Performance
Delegating to Get the Work Done

Leading in a Changing Environment
Your Role in Leading Diversity
Leading Change

Ensuring Your Success
Reevaluate Your Confidence Level
Ongoing Professional Development