Leave Policies Implementation in HRMS

This course covers steps involved in automation of Leave Policies in a Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Currently, the organizations that do not have an HRMS use Excel or paper-based system to keep track of leave records. This course covers the fundamental considerations required for automating Leave policies. It starts with the concept of Leave Year and then discusses various parameters required for setting up, implementing and using a work-flow based Leave Management System inside an HRMS.


The course covers the complete gamut of leave / vacation planning, tracking and records maintenance.

Parameters used for Leave Eligibility
Leave Year
Applicable from Dates
Date of Joining
Date of Confirmation
Years of Service in Company
Applicable till Date
Weekend type
Encashment Allowed
Half-day Allowed
Contract Type
Accrual Allowed
Carry Forward Limits

Statutory Leave Policies

Earned Leave / Annual Leave
Calander Days
Working Days
Five Day week
Six Day Week
Sick Leave
With Full salary
With 50 salary
With NO salary
Maternity Leave
Loss of Pay Leave

Leave Policy Practices in UAE
Paternity Leave
Marriage Leave
Bereavement Leave

Creating Leave Policies in HRMS
Leave Policy Naming Best Practices
Setting Parameters Values for each Leave Policy in HRMS
Earned Leave – Calander Days
Earned Leave – Working Days
Sick Leave – Full Salary
Sick Leave – 50 Half Salary
Sick Leave – No Salary
Maternity Leave

Creating Multiple Calandars
Company Holidays
Public Holidays
Uncertain Eid Holiday Dates
Assigning Employees to Calandars

Assigning Leave Policies to Employee Groups
Effective from Date

Setting Workflow to Implement Leave Approval
Approver Levels
End Point Notification
Employee wise workflow
Department & Grade wise workflow

Applying for Leave
Leave Planning
Applying for Leave
Leave Balance Calculations

Handling Unique 
Early Return – Leave Reclaim
Late Return / Extensions
Leave Covering two Leave Years
Leave Encashment
Leave Cancellation
Leave Taken more than due – Negative Balance

Closing Leave Year
Carry Forward Balances